Company Name

“LightHaus” is named to remember the founder’s Ph.D. thesis advisor, the late M.I.T. Institute Professor Hermann Haus.  Professor Haus was one of the world's pioneers and leading authority in photonics. He had inspired generations of new thinkers in the field of laser and photonics. The founder aspires to perpetuate Prof. Haus‘s pioneering and inventive spirit, in the hope that his company will one day become the “beacon of light” to steer technology trends and guide industrial standards.

There are also a few other ways to interpret the company name "LightHaus". In German, the word "Haus" means "house". The founder hopes that the company will become the "House of Light", a place where good optics ideas reside; a place that people come to when they have optics-related issues and business opportunities, and, ultimately, a place that gives birth to the next generation of game-changing optical inventions. In Indonesian, "Haus" also means "thirsty". The founder wants the company to be persistently "thirsty and hungry" for new technologies, ideas and business opportunities in the field of light and photonics.