Advanced Laser Vibrometers
Current laser vibrometers in the market have two key limitations: Firstly, most of them can only perform single point measurement of vibration; and secondly, they are often lack of operating range.

LightHaus has invented a new technique that allows simultaneous multiple-points vibration measurement using just a single laser and photo-detector. This technology increases the speed of 2D laser vibrometry measurement by order of magnitude and produces new capability of measuring vibration of transient events.

LightHaus has also developed a novel laser aiming technology that can alleviate the difficulty of aiming invisible eye-safe laser beam on the vibration targets. This solves a key challenge in performing long distance laser vibrometry measurements.

Both technologies have significant impacts on laser vibrometry applications in:



Laser Doppler Vibrometers (LDV) have been used as tools in non-destructive inspection of aircraft components and measurement of its resonant frequencies.




LDVs have been used extensively in automotive industry, such as monitoring of structural dynamics, brake diagnostics, and quantification of noise, vibration and harshness.


Hard Disk Drive Diagnostics:


LDVs have been used extensively in the analysis of hard disk drives, specifically in the area of head positioning.


Micro- and nano-structures analysis:


Combined with microscope, LDVs have been successfully used to evaluate the dynamic behaviour of Micro- and nano-structures, such as MEMS components.


Civil structure analysis:


Remote vibration measurement of bridges, rotating turbines of wind-mill generators, high towers and tall building were regularly carried out for civil structure safety analysis.


Medical and Health Care:


LDVs can assist with eardrum diagnostics and research on the middle and inner ear. In addition, vibrometers have been used for vibration measurements on artificial heart values, mechanical properties of tendons, analysis of vibrations while bone drilling or medical laser ablation, and detection of bone crack propagation.